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Ayush Valley is an assembly of professionals, theoreticians, thinkers, philosophers, philanthropists, scholars, veterans and all those who wish to have a common platform for the good and wellness of our planet in relation to our life. It will de- define and re- define life and wellness. It provides a platform for all to perform for the wellness of our life: wellness of our planet.
India being the birth place of Ayurveda, the science of life, have contributed a lot to humanity. AV visualizes that goodness in care and wellness of our being to be brought to a common hub where every person, every organization can assemble and share their ideas and vision for the common good of people at large. Ayurveda has spread across the world today, from India. Ayush Valley plans to make that flow move bilateral. From here to there and from there to here. With that in mind we plan to create a hub and bring all those involved in the process of goodness and wellness come to a place. We call that Ayush Valley, as it happened in the Indus valley, thousands of years before.

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Ayush Valley is registered as a Society. Hence is known as Ayush Valley Foundation. Registered in Shoranur, on the Banks of Nila, it has a small office for pre-operative functions. Ayush Valley plans to acquire its own premises shortly where it plans to have space for Clinical trials, researches, Archives, Meeting rooms, Consultation and examination rooms, Laboratories, Herbarium, a Centre for Medicinal plants and Plant genetics and Germplasm improvement and allied activities


Proposed activities of the Foundation will include.







Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • Ayush valley event

    Ayurveda medicine manufacturing-
    Challenges and opportunities post COVID 19

    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Dr Hrishikesh Damle (Panelist): Managing Director of Dhathri Ayurveda (P) Ltd.

    Dr.Narasimhan Jammi (Panelist): CEO of Jammi Pharmaceuticals.

    Dr.Sajikumar (Panelist): Managing Director of Dhathri Ayurveda (P) Ltd,

  • Ayush valley event

    AYUSH: Scaling Up & Upscaling

    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Anil Khandelwal(Panelist): Yogic Secrets, Gurugram.

    Puneet Mittal(Panelist): Dr. Sintija Saušamittal Global Clinical Trial Services Meerut.

    Sreeraj Gopi(Panelist) Plantlipids Pvt Ltd (and Aurea Biolabs Pvt Ltd.)

  • Ayush valley event


    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya(Co-Host)

    Lea Kraemer(Panelist): Governing Council, Yoga Unify, USA.

    Prof. Kishor Patwardhan(Panelist): Faculty of Ayurveda, Banares Hindu University.

    Dr. Sintija Sauša(Panelist) Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia, Riga, LATVIA.

  • Ayush valley event

    Ayush Vichar: Validation and Documentation in Ayurveda

    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Dr. Amrita Nandakumar(Co-host): Medical Officer, Triveni Nursing Home, Trivandrum.

    Dr. D C Katoch(Guest Speaker): Advisor, Ministry of Ayush Govt of India.

    Dr. Varghese Thomas(Panelist) Trans Disciplinary University, Bangalore

  • Ayush valley event

    Freedom For Ayurveda

    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Padma Shri Anant Darshan Shankar: Vice Chancellor, Transdisciplinary University, Bengaluru

    Vaidya M Prasad: Former Principal of Ashtamgam Ayurveda Vidyapeedham

    Asmita Wele: Head of Rasashastra and Bhaishajyakalpana Vigyan, College of Ayurveda, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune

  • Ayush valley event

    Ayurveda for Covid-19 prophylaxis

    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Vaidya Ajith Singh: Power of daily and seasonal routines in pandemic ailments

    Vaidya EP Jeevan: Ayurveda ́s immunity boosting measures for self-care

    Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya Dinacharya & Ritucharya: Lessons from New York, Paris, Varanasi & Udipi

  • Ayush valley event


    Moderator: Dr.Madan Thangavelu

    Dr.Narendra Bhatt: Advances in Ayurveda Research and Clinical Practices for COVID-19 pandemic and other health challenges

    Dr.J.L.N.Sastry: Ayurvedic Rasayanas In Restoring Holistic Health & Ayurvedic Rasayanas for COVID-19

    Dr. Cornelis Peters: Ayurveda for Global Health - An European and International Perspective